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A Pedigree say's what a dog should be, 

Conformation say's what a dog appears to be,

Performance say's what a dog truely is !


  Weight  Pulling Amstaff's In Australia Since 2002.

 We Are Home To The No.1 Record  Holding Weight Pull Amstaff In South Australia:

 RUNAMUK AMSTAFF'S,Where The Ability Is In The Genetic's

And The Training Is Just The Pollishing !

 Heaviest Competition Pull 1,330 Kg   ( 2,926 lb)

At  RUNAMUK  kennels, our goal is to keep the Amstaff true to it's origin's by breeding for a functional dog. We refuse to breed our dogs just for looks alone. We will not use dog's in our breeding program just for their extreme size, colour, or pretty "flashy" marking's! 

Our dogs must not only be competitive in the show ring with their conformation, but most importantly they must have the qualities required to compete at performance sport's !.Qualities such as health, drive,athletic ability,focus ,correct temperament,willingness to please and HEART!, and we certainy don't scatter breed to a dog just because it has gone and won a specialty show !!

Civilize Him As You Please, Make His Colour What You Like, Man Will Still Worship The Born Warrior.   John Taintor Foote ...



  For Tip's On Weight Pull Training Please Visit Our Weight Pull Page.

Weight Pull Harness's And Approved Collars Also Available.

Weight Pulling In Australia....Just Do It !

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